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Unscheduled programmes given prominence, performers sidelined

VISAKHAPATNAM: The cultural programme at Gurazada Kala Kshetram, one of the Visakha Utsav venues, went haywire on Tuesday due to lack of proper understanding of culture and proper coordination between the organisers and the performers. While unscheduled programmes were given prominence, the scheduled and professional performers were sidelined.

As per the original agenda, all cultural events were designed to be of 45 minutes duration, later it was cut down to 30 minutes due to time constraint.

The light music programme by K.S. Chandrasekhar of All India Radio (Visakhapatnam) and party was abruptly stopped to accommodate a magic show to appease a senior official of VUDA.

In fact, when a senior citizen from the audience, Gyanshyam Tiwari, got on to the dais to urge the organisers to continue the light music programme, as many had come from far off places to listen to the music concert, he was shown the way out by one of the organisers, a woman, who claimed to be an employee of VUDA and in-charge of the stage proceedings.

Mr. Tiwari went to the extent of calling, on cell phone, the VUDA Vice-Chairman G. Venkatram Reddy, who promised to look into the matter, and sent immediately two of his officials to set the matter right, but by that time the magic show was going on in full swing.

They assured the artistes that they would be given a chance after the magic show. But the artistes, 10 of them women, who felt humiliated, left the venue.