Staff Reporter

AMARAVATHI (GUNTUR DIST.): The construction of sand Mandala, essential for the Kalachakra initiation ceremony, reached its final stage on Tuesday as the Dalai Lama has completed his final discourse from the selected chapters of Nagarjuna's `Mulamadhyamikakarita.'

"True happiness is determined by our state of mind. Transforming the mind is a mental activity employing both insight and the stability of mind that comes of meditative equipoise," he said. Nagarjuna's book `Mulamadhyamikakarita' (Fundamentals of the middle way) is regarded as the basis of the madhyamika school of Buddhist tenets.

According to the Tantric Buddhist tradition, the `mandala' is an illustration of the purified environment in which the Kalachakra deity resides. On Friday, the Dalai Lama initiated the drawing of the design, which was done in chalk. Monks from Namgyal monastery were busy in completing the blueprint.

The mandala was being built with sands of different colours--green, blue, red, white and yellow. It would be consecrated by Dalai Lama and it would serve as the basis for the Kalachakra initiation.

On Tuesday, the Dalai Lama led the members in taking the Upasaka, vows of a lay Buddhist practitioner. The vows include a lifetime pledge to avoid killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct and taking intoxicants. On Wednesday, preliminary ritual called `entering the mandala' would be undertaken by the Dalai Lama.