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One litre of water oozes out of the cylinder in 20 minutes

Consumer had got refill from HP agencyWhen air came out of cylinder, he sought a replacementFrom the second refill, water came out

ANANTAPUR: Dead insects or fungus or other foreign bodies in bottles of soft drinks and packaged water is nothing new. But, seldom does one find air and water coming out of cooking gas cylinders. Such a 'miracle' has happened at the Hindustan Petroleum gas agency of the AP State Civil Supplies Corporation.

One Khasim of Old Town (consumer no. 610435) had gone to the gas agency on Monday to buy a refill as booking over phone generally takes more than 15 days for home delivery. When repeated attempts by his wife to ignite the burner failed, she informed her husband.

'Filling' mistake

Khasim was shocked to find that only air was coming out of the cylinder instead of liquefied petroleum gas. He took the cylinder back to the gas agency. A functionary of the agency, Veeranna, exchanged the cylinder with another refill citing some mistake at the filling station. Khasim took the second refill home..

There was another surprise waiting for him. This time, water oozed out of the cylinder. He brought the cylinder to Press Club to show it to mediapersons immediately. About a litre of water came out of the cylinder in about 20 minutes he spent explaining the incident.

Later, he again went to the gas agency to try his luck for third time saying, "I don't know what is stored in the cylinder I am going to get next"!