To put on hold new projects

HYDERABAD: Fund crunch has forced GHMC to bid goodbye to profligacy. It is making plans to be prudent in spending this year by prioritising works. Works are being divided into top priority, necessary, ongoing, not started, etc., circle wise.

While maintenance works will be continued, new projects are to be put on hold and as also those not yet started and can be put on hold. Commissioner S.P. Singh, Special Officer M.T. Krishna Babu and other officials discussed these issues here on Wednesday.

Works proposed, taken up and their present status of each department came up for discussion with key works identified. For instance, important slip roads like those connecting Begumpet to Balanagar, Jubilee Hills Road No.36 & 45 to Madhapur main road and others are to be expedited.

Car pooling

The huge transport fleet came into focus. While cutting the high maintenance flab of hired and own vehicles running into crores of rupees had to be cut, to begin with 150 of the 350 hired have been dropped. Four vehicles in the head office and two each in every circle are to be put up for car pooling for officials not requiring daily inspections, explained Mr. Krishna Babu.

Last year, up to Rs. 800 crore worth of works were taken up and completed and altogether work orders for Rs. 2,500 crore were issued. A budget committee headed by the Special Commissioner has been formed with Additional Commissioners of Planning & Projects, Works, Finance, Health & Sanitation, Financial Advisor and Examiner of Accounts as members.

It will periodically review the budget implementation and recommend suitable measures to the Commissioner to take action. A special ERP software package is being installed to keep a tab on works completed, funds released and so on.

Contract staff pay

Mr. Krishna Babu also assured steps to ensure the contract employees get their salaries in full and on time. “We have had discussions with the PF authorities. We will open group accounts in the name of contractors concerned and individual numbered accounts for workers too will be opened,” he said.