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Party supports Government in implementing Girglani report

Polit Bureau voices concern over confusion over `free zone'Government must consult legal expertsSurvey on recruitments made 6-point formula is the need of the hour

HYDERABAD: The Telugu Desam Party Polit Bureau has asserted that it will support the Government in any steps taken to implement the recommendations made by the Girglani Commission provided there is no deviation from the six-point formula and Presidential order governing the recruitments in Telangana region.

The TDP Polit Bureau, which met here on Saturday, discussed the issue at length and expressed concern over the unnecessary confusion created about the "free zone" concept that was non-existent.

It demanded that the Government consult legal experts on the matter and clarify the doubts being raised from some sections over the implementation of the Girglani Commission recommendations.

`Nothing to worry'

Briefing reporters later, TDP Polit Bureau members-- K. Yerrannaidu and K. Srihari-- allayed apprehensions from some sections that the implementation of GO 610 would result in sending back officials from other regions to their hometowns.

The Six-point formula was applicable to only three categories of jobs up to grade I gazetted officers' rank pertaining to appointments in Hyderabad district. The remaining posts, however, were open category posts, which do not come under the purview of the formula.

Requesting the Government not to give scope for any apprehensions on the issue, they said that the Government could utilise its machinery to conduct a survey on the recruitments made to the posts falling under the Six-point formula and take remedial measures in cases where deviations were found.