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It may expose RWA's alleged links with Maoists

P. Varavara Rao and G. Kalyan Rao who represented the Maoists were from the RWA Prasadam wrote that the party had already paid Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000 to the RWA leaderThe contents assume significance in the backdrop of differences of opinion among the interlocutors

HYDERABAD: A letter purportedly written by the jailed Maoist leader Ganti Prasadam to his party leadership has now turned out to be a powerful weapon for the police to substantiate their allegation that an important office-bearer of the Revolutionary Writers' Association (RWA) was on the payrolls of the Maoists.

The naxalite leader's letter, which found its way into the hands of the police recently, is likely to raise a controversy as the association had steadfastly denied that it was an outfit of the Maoists, as alleged by the police. The Government had proscribed the RWA recently, but the ban had to be withdrawn after a committee appointed by the Government had not favoured the ban.

Failed talks

Incidentally, P. Varavara Rao and G. Kalyan Rao, two of the three interlocutors, who represented the Maoists during the failed peace talks between Andhra Pradesh Government and the Maoists, were from the RWA. The two leaders are now in jail after their arrest following the imposition of the ban on RWA. There were also charges of conspiracy against the duo in connection with several criminal cases.

Mr. Prasadam, who is now in the same jail along with the two RWA leaders, wrote that the party had already paid Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000 to the RWA leader and had expressed his reservations about the latter's demand that the party pay Rs 10,000 per month till his release from the jail. He advised the party to discuss the issue of extending financial help to the writer.

The contents of the missive assume significance in the backdrop of the differences of opinion among the three interlocutors on various issues. The police exposed the simmering differences when they got hold of the letters written by Mr. Varavara Rao bitterly complaining about the behaviour of the other two. Following the expose of these letters, Mr. Rao offered to quit the post of secretary in RWA.


Even as the debate over Mr. Rao's letters continued, Mr. Prasadam was arrested and was housed in the same jail in Hyderabad. According to his letter to the party now, he found the differences irreconcilable and had made a specific mention about the money being paid by the party to the RWA leader. Though the letter does not specifically name Mr. Kalyan Rao as the recipient of the money, there are indications that he was referring to Mr. Kalyan Rao.