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The three-day exhibition draws good crowd

Mayor spends more than two hours with students Philately and numismatic exhibition also held

GUNTUR: Schoolchildren from across Guntur city senthusiastically visited the `All-round talent exhibition' conducted at the Kanna Concept School at Arundalpet.

After formally inaugurating the three-day exhibition on Friday, Guntur Mayor Kanna Nagaraju spent more than two hours listening to the students explaining principles behind the scientific models.

Little Shehnaz and Mahendra, students of UKG explained what it meant to live in a `sweet home.' While Rajeshwari from LKG narrated the story of the two silly goats, her friends were more than eager to explain about the farmer and his duck, which laid golden eggs. In the exhibit snakes, cattle and farmers in fields were carved out of vegetables.Students of higher classes came up with some amazing working models like an automatic street lighting system.

A few chemical experiments added to the students' joy. A model of forest, village, three-pot water purification system, janata refrigerator and a Jain temple were the major attractions for students.

Models on display

In the biology department models of different species of living organisms like snakes and butterflies apart from human body parts were the focal points. Students waited patiently to have a look at the planetarium and the computer room, which had a web cameras and some interactive programmes.

There was an exhibition of stamps and coins also. The teachers tested the children for their understanding of the concepts.