Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: If you thought that the special diet being recommended and endorsed by the slimming clinic across the road and those being flashed on websites are a new generation fad, you are on for a collision with the Indian Institute of History of Medicine (IIHM).

The Koti-based institute, along with the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) at Tarnaka, have delved into history books, summoned nutritional and health experts from across the country and brought out papers on how diet has been an essential part of Indian life, that too backed by Ayurveda practitioners for centuries together.

On Thursday, nearly 100 experts from across the country got together at NIN for a two-day seminar to further discuss the historical aspects of diet and nutritional medicine in Ayurveda. The discussions were on Ayurveda in nutrition, relation between Indian spices and health, Ayurvedic diets during pregnancy etc. The seminar, sponsored by the State Government's Department of AYUSH, also has poster sessions.