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To place before the House all documents today

TDP chief says that the evidence is more than sufficient to nail the GovernmentAlleges large-scale corruption in irrigation projectsClaims having proof to substantiate his charge

HYDERABAD: Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu has said that he will place on the Floor of the Assembly on Friday fresh evidence about involvement of the State Government in scandalous implementation of irrigation projects, particularly Sripadasagar lift-irrigation scheme.

"I have all the documents which are more than sufficient to nail the Government. I will submit them to the House tomorrow," he told reporters on Thursday.

Mr. Naidu said that the Government was caught "red handed" while manipulating the execution of projects. He had cent per cent evidence to prove his charge. Important persons in Government made huge money in the name of projects, he alleged.

Authentic proof

Insisting that the TDP had established unmistaken evidence about large-scale corruption in projects, he said: "There can be no such authentic proof anywhere in the world." The Government had bungled by placing in the House "forged and ante-dated" documents. The Government was simply not in a position to counter the arguments of the Opposition.

Hoping that the Government would respond after the documents were submitted on Friday, the TDP chief said there were revealing facts speaking about corruption in the Sripadasagar project. He added that he would take up with Speaker K.R. Suresh Reddy the denial of opportunity to him to seek clarification on a statement made by Major Irrigation Minister Ponnala Laxmaiah on the controversy.

Three other TDP MLAs were also promised that they would be given opportunity to speak but Mr. Suresh Reddy abruptly adjourned the House.