Staff Reporter

KURNOOL: In a victory of sorts for the Telugu Desam Party in the crucial Panyam constituency, the party roped in Katasani Rami Reddy, estranged cousin of ruling party MLA Rambhupal Reddy, on Sunday.

The party cadre was demoralised after Bijjam Pardhasaradhi Reddy left the town and wound up his activities after making it up with Rambhupal Reddy.

It took two years for the party to rope in Mr. Rami Reddy. It might be remembered that he was the force behind his cousin and played a crucial role during the last ten years.

Party chief N. Chandrababu Naidu flew to Banaganapalli and formally admitted Mr. Rami Reddy into the party.

.Mr. Rami Reddy dismissed rumours that he is infiltrating the party on the advice of his cousin.

He said he would remain with the party till the last.

Earlier, Mr. Naidu, who landed at Banaganapalli, proceeded to the venue of the meeting in an open vehicle.

A large number of party activists turned up braving the hot sun.

While the party leaders expected Mr. Naidu to give a clarion call for the panchayat elections, he opted to criticise the Congress for its corruption and neglect of Backward Classes and minorities.