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Encroachment of land denied

12.5 acres of land allotted for the project in 2000Plea to not allow work until court disposes of the case

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) Chairman D. Sudheer Reddy asserted on Thursday that Jalvihar, a private lake park project coming up on the Necklace Road, had not encroached any land.

The HUDA Chairman inspected the site along with Budda Purnima Project Authority (BPPA) In-charge Project Director Chandramohan Reddy following reports of alleged reclamation of shore area of Hussain Sagar lake.

Mr. Reddy said that the then Telugu Desam Government had allotted 12.5 acres of land for the project in 2000. The land was handed over in phases and recently 1.8 acres was handed over. He said the land would be measured again and if excess land was found to be reclaimed, action would be initiated. HUDA was committed to promote Hussain Sagar as a recreation spot conforming to pollution control board norms. Meanwhile Jalvihar project representative Ramaraju said they were only levelling the land handed over to them for raising lawns and a green belt in deference to the Supreme Court Committee's recommendations.

While HUDA officials did not clarify whether the project was coming on the lakebed, one Y. Govind, son of Pochayya, claiming to be the original pattadar, came to the inspection site, contested the claim of Jalvihar promoters. He claimed he was one of pattadars of land near lake which was taken over by the Government to allot it to the influential persons even as the writ petition was pending in the Supreme Court. He also said that he filed a review petition in the Supreme Court producing all the relevant documents.

He appealed to the Chairman that work should not be allowed until the case was disposed of.