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Despite the Government's claim of `Indiramma rajyam', suicide by farmers continues, says Biswas

HYDERABAD: State secretary of the All-India Forward Bloc A.K. Biswas on Monday while announcing the formation of the party's Hyderabad district committee criticised the Government for trying to woo the people by organising various `baatas' and neglecting their problems.

At a press conference, Mr. Biswas said despite the Government's claim of `Indiramma rajyam' suicide by farmers was continuing and people were facing hardship on account of rising prices of essential commodities. Farmers were not getting the promised free power supply.

The party would undertake State-wide programmes to create awareness among people about the Government's "anti-people policies."

He said the 13-member city committee was headed by G.Appa Rao (chairman).

K. Dayanand was secretary and Narender finance secretary, among others. On the party's future plans, Mr. Biswas said it was going through a period of consolidation. After a series of meetings, the roadmap for future agitations keeping the people's needs in mind would be prepared. Contesting elections was not in the party's list of priorities, he said in response to a question.