`pre-paid autos'

Autos plying from Begumpet domestic airport under the guise of `pre-paid autos' have no authentication from competent authority and no meters, but the fixed charges of rupees nine / five is collected at the destination making the concept of pre-paid a farce. Normally such autos or taxis are with numbers assigned on request by the user are allotted by the concerned authorities after payment of the fixed charges. But here there is no such procedure. Even with the normal meter charges the fare would come to Rs. 30 or so to Anandnagar in Khairatabad. But, Rs. 95 is collected from the passengers. With no police personnel around, the autowallahs are reaping at the cost of unwary passengers. Cannot something be done to end their game by the concerned authorities?

Raja Krishna


Misusing `Government tag'

It is a common sight to see white cars with tricolour flags being run as Government vehicles with the number plate declaring `on government duty' in red letters on top of the registration number. Actually, these cars are owned by private individuals or tour operators and are being operated as taxis. Why not these vehicles treated as taxis with some distinction.

Jugal Kishore

Ashok Nagar

Rainwater harvesting must

A good ground water level is essential to augment the supply of drinking water to the city. This is especially important since Rs. 8 crores is being spent on pumping water from the river Krishna on a monthly basis. There are different types of rainwater harvesting structures for different type of houses. According to an official in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, there is no appropriate mechanism to check exploitation of ground water by private bore well owners and there are no adequate rainwater harvesting pits to tap the rainwater. Every house should have a rainwater harvesting structure to conserve water. It is gratifying to hear that the Centre has taken a vigorous rainwater harvesting campaign across the country to beat the summer onslaught.

D. Mohan Rao


Laudable effort

It is laudable that MCH has taken measures to prevent summer infections ( The Hindu 12.4.06 - Road side eateries face action). It is hoped that all apartments in the twin cities follow the instructions of using correct quantity of chlorine and bleaching powder to clean sumps and overhead tanks compulsorily in the interests of the health, hygiene and well-being of the residents. It is the bounden duty of the MCH to employ its sanitary staff to conduct periodic check-ups and see if the instructions are followed by the residents associations.

K. Nagaraja Rao

Yousufguda checkpost

Restore issue of

satellite tickets

From 1.4.2006 onwards, the railways has stopped issuing satellite tickets to passengers, causing lot of inconvenience to people. The system was pro-passengers providing freedom to board any connecting train even without reservation. The amended rules has forced passengers especially women and senior citizens, to go through hassles of purchasing new tickets for onward journey if they wish to travel, even small distance, without reservation.

We appeal to the railway authorities to appreciate the difficulties of passengers and restore the old system forthwith.

Vishnu Sharma & J.B. Bansal

Banjara Hills