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GMC to vary pressure and timings by dividing city into zones

GUNTUR: The Guntur Municipal Corporation will soon streamline drinking water supply by varying the pressure and timings of supply to various areas by dividing the city into many zones based on geographical levels.

Supply to all areas is not uniform now due to various factors like same pipeline carrying water to low-lying areas and adjacent elevated streets, which are denying full complement of water to some citizens, said Mayor Kanna Nagaraju on Monday.

"We are coming up with a computer-aided design of entire water supply network in the city to plan for the differing of water release timings to ensure equal pressure in all areas," he said.

The three-dimensional mapping would show the elevation of a certain area so that proper planning regarding separating or joining together certain areas could be thought of so that water flow was equal in all areas and lesser time of pumping would be required.

"All these are prerequisites for achieving 24-hour water supply in the city, which is not a distant dream," he added.

Trial run

Trial run of the new filtration plant was likely any time now and authorities were waiting for the water to be released into the Guntur Channel.

"In another six months from then the existing plant would be fully refurbished by changing the filter medium and the city would begin getting 26 million gallons per day when both the plants are in operation," he observed. That is when the GMC can dream of 24X7 water supply, he added.