There is a lot of confusion as the police are yet to make breakthrough in the investigation of three sensational cases that were reported in the city last month, writes Marri Ramu

Murder of a woman in her house, kidnap of a girl near her dance school and death of two youngsters in road accident after a policeman allegedly tried to stop their motorcycle. These three sensational cases reported last month in the central zone continue to be mysterious, with the police failing to achieve any breakthrough in investigation.

The Musheerabad police believed that it was an open-and-shut case when a sawmill worker Harikishan's wife Laxmibai, 48, was found murdered in her house at Gemini Colony on May 15. With no signs of forcible entry and the sniffer dog moving around the house, sleuths surmised that insiders could be involved in the killing.

Forensic experts opined that the woman was killed between 10 a.m. and noon. Neighbours maintained that they had not noticed any stranger going into the house. Another interesting point was that the woman's `managalasuthram' was missing while other ornaments were not touched.

Harikishan's contradictory statements about his suspected involvement in the crime had further perplexed the police. The investigators had also failed to recover the murder weapon and the gold chain. With investigation ending in a cul-de-sac, the police are now planning to send the suspect for a polygraph test.

Two days after this sensational murder came the abduction of a schoolgirl. Daughter of a jeweller, she was abducted soon after coming out of the dance school in Himayatnagar. But she was set free under equally mysterious circumstances the next day on Shivam road. In this case too, the Narayanaguda police have failed to track down the kidnappers.

More intriguing

Even more intriguing is the lack of progress in investigation into the death of two motorcyclists in Khairatabad. The motorcyclists fell down allegedly after a policeman tried to stop their vehicle forcibly as the rider did not wear a helmet. Police registered a case of unintentional murder following a complaint from victims' relatives.

There was much confusion on how the accident occurred. Police officials have issued contradictory statements on the identity of policemen on duty at the accident site. Four days later, a Sub-Inspector was suspended but on charges of not cooperating with the officials. A home guard was also dismissed from service on similar charges.

But did the policeman really hurl his lathi in a bid to stop the motorcyclists ultimately leading to their death is the question, that has not been answered so far.