HYDERABAD: ‘Invisible Wings’, the much acclaimed Chinese movie and winner of several awards in international festival circuits, is now available in Telugu and the dubbed version is scheduled for release in the State on May 1.


The film which captures the true story of a girl who lost both arms but with sheer determination emerges a champion swimmer, has been honoured with several awards including the Golden Elephant Award at the International Children’s Film Festival in the city.

Now, the Telugu version ‘Ningi...Nela…Naade’, is to be released at Prasad’s Multiplex and two other theatres in the city apart from theatres in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

Hindi version

At a preview of the movie here on Sunday, producer Sudha Rani Chava said the Hindi version ‘Panchi banu udti phirun’ is also ready and will be released in coming months.

“We have the rights of all Indian languages,” she announced.

‘A must see film’

For the Telugu version, the dialogues are by Vennelakanti, lyrics by Chandra Bose with music for song provided by Vandemataram Srinivas.

Chitra and Chandra Bose lent the voice for Telugu version while Sadhana Sargam and Ramana for the Hindi.

“The girl’s story has universal appeal and we got the best artistes for the dubbing and synchronisation has been perfect,” Mrs. Sudha said.

Special previews

Special previews have already been done for the school and college students and some educational institutions decided to have screening of the ‘Ningi...Nela...Naade’ for all their students, the producer said.