Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Telephone numbers starting with 2591 and 271 digits will be transferred to OCB technology from the present E-10B technology with effect from the early hours of July 23. Though the telephone numbers will not be changed customers having STD facility have to re-register their STD dynamic code after the transfer of technology is completed.

The following procedure has to be adopted for re-registering the STD dynamic code, according to a press release from the General Manager of the BSNL Visakhapatnam Telecom District, J. Ganta on Friday: For registering the secret code, the subscriber has to chose a four-digit code of his or her choice (example ABCD) AND DIAL 123 ABCD ABCD. The phone has to be disconnected after receiving acceptance tone. Procedures for other facilities are: Dial 124 ABCD 1 for locking STD facility, 124 ABCD 0 for opening ISD facility,124 ABCD 3 for opening STD facility, 124 ABCD 2 for locking group level outgoing calls, 124 ABCD 4 for locking total out-going facility (except the emergency services) and 123 ABCD PQRS for changing the secret code ABCD to PQRS. Customers can contact 1991 or 2544177 for assistance. There is a likelihood of brief interruption in services at thetime of transfer.