Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: Orthopaedic surgeons of Pinnamaneni Care Hospital performed a `bilateral total knee replacement' surgery on a 60-year-old woman here on Sunday.

The patient, A. Dhanalakshmi of the city, has been suffering from chronic arthritis and not been able to move around. The doctors at the hospital advised her to undergo a bilateral total knee replacement surgery, which has been introduced recently in the hospital.

A team of doctors led by B.N. Prasad performed the surgery for two-and-half-hours and implanted artificial knees. Dr. Prasad said at a press conference later that Ms. Dhanalakshmi would require bed rest for just three days before she could start walking around.

But she would have to undergo physiotherapy continuously for two months. The artificial knees would be active for the next 15 to 20 years.

Dr. Prasad said the hospital has a well-equipped operation theatre and experienced surgeons to perform advanced surgeries. Physiotherapy was also available. The equipment and the implants had been imported from the US, while the orthopaedic surgeons underwent a special training to perform the surgeries. Since the implants were biocompatible, chances of side effects would be minimal.


Dr. Prasad explained that ageing was the prime cause for arthritis, while factors like obesity and hereditary too contributed to the suffering. The bilateral surgery was advisable only in case of those who crossed 50 years of age.

The hospital would charge Rs. 1.3 lakhs to replace a knee, including Rs. 70,000 for the implant. Regular knee exercise would help people protect themselves from arthritis, he advised.