M.L.Melly Maitreyi

After a year of being in the flux, the notification seems to be moving

Delay attributed to ORR alignment changesNo finalisation of satellite townships' location along ORRLast change in master plan with regard to Growth Corridor

HYDERABAD: After a year of being in the flux, things appear to be moving at last for the notification of the long pending revised master plan for Hyderabad Metropolitan Region-2020.

The exercise on comprehensive modification was started in 2001 and completed in 2003 when the draft plan was notified for public suggestions and objections. It was submitted to the Government for final notification after incorporating those suggestions in May 2005 by the former HUDA Vice-Chairman G.Ashok Kumar.

But every time a date was set for the final notification, the Government came out with new proposals requiring modifications to the master plan and HUDA would start the exercise to include these changes in the draft master plan sheets. It appeared as though the master plan was in for unending changes. With no finality on the master plan, there was no clarity either regarding land use, leading to utter confusion and speculation.

Changes galore

"Why should the master plan be put on hold every time the Government thought of a new proposal. It was not as if new developments would not take place once the plan was notified. More so when the revised master plan has flexible land use provision as an innovative feature subject to certain stipulations," many wondered.

First, it was a series of alignment changes - in all five - to the Outer Ring Road, which had to be incorporated into the master plan as and when they occurred. Then came the proposal for 22 satellite townships along the proposed ORR. But there were changes and locations were not finalised. Then came instructions to earmark highrise development zones in the vicinity of MMTS zones, demarcation of ten routes of MRTS, skyscraper zone and solid waste disposal sites that had to be dropped as the PCB rejected it.

Growth Corridor

Some more changes were suggested as per GO 86 on new building regulations and fresh directions to change some area in the draft plan from conservation to residential and commercial zones and the last change was with regard to the Growth Corridor.