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Accused persons `followers of Suri'

  • 30-year-old man threatened of dire consequences
  • Gang asks him to stop claiming rights over land at Narsing
  • Pushes his wife and assaults him

    HYDERABAD: Five persons, claiming as followers of M. Suryanarayana Reddy alias Suri, the prime accused in the murder of TDP MLA Paritala Ravindra, allegedly threatened a person named Aditya, 30, of dire consequences in connection with a land dispute here on Tuesday.

    Aditya is son of freedom fighter Vandemataram Ramchander Rao. He lives with his wife Richa at Goshamhal. According to Aditya, five persons came to his house around 10.30 a.m. saying they wanted to speak to him about a land issue.

    Takes out revolver

    After stepping inside, one of them took out a revolver and threatened him to stop claiming rights over five acres of agricultural land at Narsing on outskirts of the city. "We learnt that, along with Aditya, several others were also claiming rights over that prime land and some court cases are pending in this regard," Goshamhal ACP Sridhar Rao said.

    When Aditya asked who they were, they reportedly claimed they were from Rayalaseema and followers of Suri. The gang even pushed Richa and assaulted Aditya as he came to her rescue. The gang left the place threatening Aditya he would be punished if he ignored their warning.

    Old man robbed of 35 tolas of gold

    An unidentified robber sneaked inside a house of a retired employee and robbed 35 tolas gold and Rs. 6,000 at Srinivasanagar West in the early hours of Tuesday. K. Ramana (68), was sleeping alone in the house when the robber entered the house, which was not locked. As he began searching for valuables, the old man woke up.

    The robber immediately lunged at him with a knife, in the process injuring his thumb. He then picked up the ornaments, which he found in a bag left in the corner of the bedroom.

    "When the robber was about to leave, he spotted the old man's bleeding thumb. He had the heart to tear a piece of cloth and wrap it around the slashed thumb before walking away," SR Nagar Inspector A. Venkataratnam said.