Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Over 300 employees of the Nizam Club in Saifabad have gone on strike since Friday bringing the club's functioning to a grinding halt.

The workers allege that the management has failed to implement several of their earlier promises and contend that Employee State Insurance (ESI) and bonus facilities should be extended to them.

They are also demanding regularisation of jobs, better working conditions and formation of a staff welfare fund consisting of a percentage of the bills paid by the members. With the agitators remaining adamant, the Club management cancelled all regular activities including the weekend tambola.

The management contended that some of the demands had been accepted.

"The labour court had passed orders to pay us bonus, but to no avail. We approached the management committee several times but it has been dragging the issue for a year now," said Nizam Club Staff and Workers Union president Amjedullah Khan.

However, club secretary T. Mohan Reddy says the club has appealed to a higher court against the labour court's decision.

Meanwhile, the Labour Department has called both parties to the negotiation table on Monday.