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GRIPPING TALE: Sunil and Aarti Agarwal in `Andala Ramudu'
GRIPPING TALE: Sunil and Aarti Agarwal in `Andala Ramudu'

Andala Ramudu (Telugu)

Cast: Sunil, Aarti Agarwal,


Director: P. Lakhsmi


Hitherto, Sunil proved his mettle as a full-fledged comedian. `Andala Ramudu' gives him an opportunity to display his histrionic skills to the full. He portrays the feelings of romance, sentiment and anguish well. The film is a remake of a decade-old Tamil flick `Sundarapurushan'.

Unable to bear the torture meted out to him by his stepmother, Ramudu, as a young boy, runs away from home. He returns after his father's death. Ramudu nurses a desire to marry his maternal uncle Bhushanamaiah's daughter Radha. But the girl is dating Raghu, an educated unemployed youth. Ramudu hatches a plan to pack Raghu off to a distant town by finding a job for him. But his plan backfires as Bhushanamaiah fixes the marriage of his daughter with Raghu.

However, Ramudu's half-brother Bhadra saves the situation by exposing Raghu's shady background and gets him arrested. Bhushanamaiah requests Ramudu to marry Radha. After marriage, Ramudu, realising that Radha still loves Raghu, maintains a distance.

Ramudu then gets Raghu released from jail. He divorces Radha and even goes to the extent of trying to unite them. But Raghu expresses suspicion about Radha's virginity in public. This hurts Radha who then goes in search of Ramudu who is saved from a suicide attempt in the nick of time.

Kota is at his best. Sunil's footwork in dances is fine.

He tries his best to underplay his role. Ramesh-Gopi's dialogues are meaningful, untouched by clichés. Samir Reddy's camerawork is commendable. It's a film to watch with the family.



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