The `police' gang asks women to remove ornaments for safety. The gold is deftly replaced by stones. All the `real police' can do is to warn public, writes Marri Ramu

Five thefts in a day using the same method within a radius of 10 kilometres... The pseudo police gang that diverted the attention of women and relieved them of jewellery on Wednesday proved many points.

Firstly, it proved that the police had failed to checkmate the activities of the gang believed to be of Iranian descent and settled in Guntakal who are known to steal ornaments from elderly women.

After the SR Nagar police arrested some gang members nine months ago, there was a let-up in such offences. Now the pseudo policemen are back in action, that too in S.R. Nagar area.

How they operate

The gangsters posing as policemen approach women and inform them that a murder had been committed in the area.

They advise the victims to remove gold ornaments and pack them in paper. By sleight of hand, they would replace the gold with stones and vanish.

Going by the description given by the victims, police surmise that a new gang could be on the prowl. The Guntakal gang used to speak pure Telugu.

But, in the latest cases, the gangsters spoke in local dialect.

Police urge people to be a little more careful. Since such offences are committed on main roads passers-by could intervene if a woman was seen giving away jewellery to some persons.

A caution

The police have another advice for women. Never believe in what strangers say and even if someone approaches them, insist on identity cards.

Only the personnel of Task Force, Special Branch and Security Wing are in plainclothes.