V. Geetanath

Hyderabad Revised Building Rules 2006 applicable for Cyberabad

HYDERABAD: The Government has reiterated that prior clearance from Fire Services Department was a pre-requisite for construction of high-rise buildings of 18 metres and above. Applications cannot be submitted to any sanctioning authority like Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) pending clearance from the department.

It has also clarified that the compounding fee for deviations will be levied for the extent of deviation only and not on the total floor area. The sanctioning authority has powers to levy a compounding fee of Rs. 1,000 per sq.mts of build up area on each floor in municipal corporation areas and Rs. 500 in other areas for setback violations up to 10 per cent other than the front setback.

The Hyderabad Revised Building Rules 2006 would also be applicable in toto for the entire Cyberabad Development Authority area as per an official memo issued last week to clear some air in view of many requests for clarifications from different quarters with regard to the new rules.

Other points elaborated were that individual residential building plans for plots abutting less than nine metre wide roads can be considered for approval by taking over the area affected in road widening. The building line should be insisted after the area effected in widening.

Special regulations

Cellars are to be allowed irrespective of the building height but the minimum plot size should be 750 sq.mts and above. This will be applicable to areas covered under the special regulations like Nandgiri Hills, Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills.

For gated development schemes and group housing schemes there is no restriction on the plotted area and internal roads of nine metres are allowed. Separate blocks for common amenities area to an extent of five per cent of total site was a must for both gated schemes and group schemes with more than 100 dwelling units.


The 10 per cent area for visitors parking was exclusive of parking requirement for the building. The same can be provided separately in setbacks after leaving an open space of a minimum of six metres. When a side abuts more than one road, front setback should be insisted for bigger road width and remaining sides may not be insisted.

And, within a building, the builder/architect has the freedom to design inside areas as per choice. But, occupancy certificate will be issued after submission of completion certificate submitted jointly by the architect and builder.