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Spotting of vehicles violating speed limit to be made easy

  • Each gun to cost around Rs. 60,000
  • Vehicle's speed can be judged within seconds

    HYDERABAD: The Regional Transport Authority (RTA), in a bid to keep a tight vigil on vehicles violating the specified speed limits, is proposing to procure `speed radar guns' in a month.

    Under the road safety measures, the RTA would be procuring 38 radar guns for the State and of these, five would be allotted to each zone of transport department in the city. Each radar gun would be costing around Rs. 60,000.

    These radar guns calculate the speed of vehicles within a range of over 1,500 metres with a maximum storage capacity of 4,000 measurements at a time.

    Reaction time

    The gun transmits waves on a particular vehicle after it is triggered and based on the reaction time of the waves, the vehicle's speed is judged within seconds and all the information is stored in an integrated data memory, explains Joint Transport Commissioner N.V. Subba Rao.

    According to Central Motor Vehicle Act, the speed limit for a transport vehicle is 65 kilometres per hour (kmph) while it is 50 kmph for two-wheelers. But a majority of the vehicle owners tend to violate the rule.

    "Radar guns will be handy for us in nabbing speed limit violators. A fine of Rs. 1,000 will be imposed on motorists, if they are found to be driving the vehicle above the speed limit," says Mr. Rao. "We have requested the Government to sanction 25 per cent of the annual user charges collected by the department to purchase the equipment. We would buy the gadgets by this month-end," he added.