Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: The Patamata police on Tuesday began questioning of three minor boys on the suspicion of their involvement in the killing of 15-year-old Koneru Nagasri, whose body was found in an irrigation canal near Punadipadu, 20 km from the city, on Monday morning.

The girl had been missing from her house in Ashok Nagar from Sunday night and her bicycle was found in the cycle stand of ever-busy Patamata Rythu Bazaar.

Nagasri's father Ramesh, a lorry owner, told the police that he was suspecting the involvement of three boys, who were residing on High School Road in Patamata.

Though he charged the boys with kidnapping his daughter, the police found it "impossible."

"The girl may have left the Rythu Bazaar along with a person known to her," said B. Sivaramakrishna, inspector of Patamata.

He said that Nagasri was seen last by her mother Bhavani at 7 p.m. on Sunday and it was very difficult for anyone to kidnap a person from the busiest place at that hour.

Police suspicion

Even as the girl's parents stated that they had no rivals in the family and in the business, the police suspected that it could be a murder for gain, for the reason that Nagasri was the only daughter of the couple.

The parents suspected the hand of the three boys only because they saw the boys teasing her on several occasions.

Suspicion loomed large over the cause of death as there were no injuries on the body and the jewellery was not stolen.

"The post-mortem report will provide some clues to us. We will get the report tomorrow. The mystery will be unravelled probably by tomorrow evening," Mr. Sivaramakrishna said.