Special Correspondent

Per capita income too registers a hike

HYDERABAD: The State's Gross Domestic Product in 2005-06 went up to Rs. 225 lakh crores -- with 1999-2000 as the base year -- from Rs. 208.817 lakh crores in 2004-05. The per capita income this year is Rs. 25,626 as against Rs.23,807 in 2004-05.

Releasing the figures at a press conference here on Tuesday, Saroja Rama Rao of the Directorate of Economic and Statistics said the overall increase in the GSDP was the net result of upward/downward revisions in the estimates of various sectors. Of the industrial groups, the maximum upward revision in GSDP data was witnessed in the `real estate, ownership of dwellings'.

She said the State was the first in the country to switch over to the base year from 1993-94 series to 1999-2000 series.

The sectors showing increase in the levels of GSDP estimates in crores of rupees are: livestock 584, manufacturing 145, electricity, gas and water supply 57, construction 425, trade, hotels and restaurants 56, railways 312, transport by other means and storage 581, banking and insurance 418, real estate, ownership of dwellings2,234, public administration 209 and other services 714.

The sectors showing a decrease included agriculture 411, forestry and logging 192, mining and quarrying 34, manufacturing unregistered 801, communications 129.