Staff Reporter

GUNTUR: The entire skyline of Guntur changed on Wednesday evening with thick dark clouds forming on the horizon. At a time when people expected heavy rain, the rare mix of sun rays passing through the white and dark gray clouds painted the whole city with pinkish orange colour.

Guntur's citizens were treated to a unique natural light show in the sky for over 20 minutes with either the colour changing every two minutes with the changing cloud pattern or the clouds getting painted with purple, pink, blood red and orange colours.

The sky looked like a canvas of a modern painter and the spread of colours was so exhaustive that every inch of the sky had peculiar formations of cloud with a colour that none had probably ever seen.

Western sky where the sun was setting presented the most interesting show of nature's beauty.

It did rain for a few minutes, but probably gave a respite to citizens to come out of their houses and watch the rare phenomenon and many captured it in their cameras and on canvas.