Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: It is one of the busiest stretches leading out of the city, but all the same is a picture of apathy.

The National Highway heading towards Mumbai has several spots that offer a nightmarish experience to road users. The stretch between Sanathnagar and the BHEL main gate comes with an element of uncertainty from drivers of buses and seven-seaters, besides risk posed by potholes and bad road conditions. RTC and auto drivers speed and pull their vehicles to a sudden stop at the sight of a passenger and a host of roads from adjoining colonies connecting to the highway add to the problem. Come evening, buses heading towards destinations both in the State and neighbouring States park themselves along the highway throwing traffic out of control.

In bad shape

The road too is in bad shape with tar peeled off and sand spread at several points, particularly near HMWSSB campus at Hyderguda, where a two-wheeler could easily skid. Just after Miyapur crossroads, there are patches and some potholes.

The issue was taken to the notice of municipal authorities but they claimed helplessness as the highway stretch comes under the jurisdiction of National Highways Authority of India, Siddharth Merathia, a resident of Jal Vayu Vihar says.