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Mining being done in benami names in some cases, he says

  • Counselling session for miners continues
  • Rapprochement in family disputes stressed

    VISAKHAPATNAM: Illegal mining and trade of semi-precious stones should be stopped immediately, Superintendent of Police J.G. Murali warned those involved in the two activities on Tuesday.

    The police had details of all those involved in the illegal mining and trade of semi-precious stones and unless they stopped their activities the consequences would be harsh, he told the traders at a counselling session. On Monday also Mr. Murali held counselling for those involved in illegal mining and trade of semi-precious stones. While 60 persons from Narsipatnam and 15 from Golugonda, all involved in the mining of semi-precious stones were present on Tuesday, 26 persons from Golugonda mandal, 27 from Narsipatnam and two from Chintapalli who are connected to the illegal trade of semi-precious stones were produced at the counselling session on Monday.

    When asked about the deaths being reported during mining and how the dead were being disposed of, the traders said that they were false reports and were being circulated due to internal rivalry among them.

    Petitions from people

    Earlier Mr. Murali examined petitions submitted by some persons and in the case of a family dispute, he admonished two brothers for clashing over the division of property. Such issues were delicate and should be solved in an amicable manner instead of resorting to clashes. He told the brothers to settle the issue in the presence of elders and Additional S.P. Natarajan would attend the meeting. The family members accepted this suggestion.

    The SP examined some cases similar to domestic violence. In one case he asked the Bheemunipatnam police to arrest the husband of a woman who was allegedly neglecting the family.

    This police station was also ordered to search for the husband of a woman who had deserted the family. Reacting to another complaint from a woman from S. Rayavaram, he warned her in-laws that they would all be arrested if the woman was harassed.Mr. Murali said all cases relating to women's problems would be transferred to Anakapalle police station and special investigation would be taken up in these cases.