Nivedita Ganguly

The Presidential School students display their talent and creativity

VISAKHAPATNAM: It's a potpourri of information from every sphere of life. From scientific inventions, historical facts to literary activities, theatre, art and culture. Bits of interesting facts are strewn all over the notice boards while the young hands busily work together to make it look more attractive. The inter-house activity boards is a platform for the students of The Presidential school to display their talent and creativity in myriads of interesting ways.

Unique method

Every week one topic is selected from any subject and the house captains and leaders compile articles, sketches, photographs, and newspaper clippings of the students and decorate the boards. Every house has been allotted a specific floor with boards to present their work. "It's a unique method to provide an opportunity to learn beyond their textbooks and also to cultivate a habit of writing articles and reading newspapers," says school headmistress Anand. Topics like famous writers, scientific inventions and Indian festivals are covered every week.

The base for reading newspapers and the all-round development of a student is formed during the Newspaper in Education sessions organised by The Hindu . And these inter-house activities bring out the hidden potentials of students and give them a chance to manifest the skills learnt during the classes, she added.

The housemasters assess the boards every week and a star is given to the house that comes out with the most interesting and creative ideas.