Y. Mallikarjun

‘Praja Rajyam being run according to whims and fancies of a few’

‘Most people who were part of the high command kept in the dark on major decisions’

‘Deserving candidates not given tickets in most of the places’

HYDERABAD: Parkala Prabhakar, who resigned from Praja Rajyam, has accused the fledgling party’s “owners” of being driven by a “business plan” and not by people’s interests.

In an interview with The Hindu here on Friday, he said the party was being run according to the “whims and fancies of a few” with ‘no accountability, democratic functioning, discretion and forum to air views and exchange ideas’. His decision to quit was not sudden as he was “agonising” for weeks over the “undesirable drift” in the party. “Initially, I thought it was due to lack of experience and understanding. Gradually, I began to realise that this was not due that and the owners of Praja Rajyam want it to be like that”. Mr. Prabhakar, who was one of the general secretaries, said that most of the people who were part of the high command, including himself, were kept in the dark on major decisions. Substantiating his charge, he said none of the general secretaries or members of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) were consulted on any major decision-- be it constitution of district committees, merger of Nava Telangana Party or tie-up with Mana Party.

He challenged the general secretaries or PAC members to declare that all major decisions were taken in consultation with them. “They are only props in the setting”. Referring to allegations of money transactions in most of the decisions, he said “in the absence of transparency or evidence to the contrary, people will tend to believe this”.

Dubbing as “sham” the party’s claim of rendering social justice in selection of candidates, he said deserving candidates were not given tickets in most of the places.

Refuting the charge that he had quit for not being fielded from Narsapur Lok Sabha, he said he did not also recommend anybody’s name although he did the SWOT analysis for all the constituencies and candidates in Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts.

Ticket issue

On Allu Aravind’s claim that a survey had shown that he would lose, Mr. Prabhakar wondered why a survey was conducted when he did not seek a ticket. While agreeing that he did not have any support at grass-root level, he sought to know which survey showed that Mr. Aravind was popular in Anakapalle.

Charging PR founders with betraying the larger cause of ushering in a fundamental change in society and clean politics, he quipped “ this outfit has no clarity of programmes, no political agenda”.