Karwan Assembly constituency looks up to new entrants

HYDERABAD: In the sweltering heat, the dusty lanes of Karwan come alive with fluttering of a flags of different affiliations, blaring songs and speeches and a long cavalcade of motor vehicles. Grand Alliance which took out a rally on Saturday to rake up support for its candidates, Zahid Ali Khan for Hyderabad Lok Sabha and M. Srinivas Reddy CPI(M) for Karwan Assembly constituency, did catch the attention of an electorate that traditionally remained divided between MIM and BJP.

The Left’s sustained effort to foray into the once walled old city and challenge the MIM in its bastion has a determined Mr. Reddy taking up an extensive campaign. On Saturday, he accompanied Mr. Khan and the duo went around with party workers of TDP, TRS and MBT joining in to raise the campaign pitch.

The police accompany in large numbers. Armed policemen on foot, bikes, van and open jeeps are part of the cavalcade, a clear indication of the rising tempers between the alliance and MIM. At regular intervals, the convoy stops and the gathering is addressed.

“Ours is a caravan of peace,” declares Mr. Khan while outlining the historic aspects of Karwan and how Quli Qutub Shah used to travel from here.

Hot contests

The apathy of elected representatives towards the constituency is highlighted as also the issue of lawlessness. In a constituency which always hosted hot contests between MIM and BJP with others relegated to the sidelines, Mr. Reddy has been involved in a painstaking campaign to break the pattern and is hopeful that the voters will usher in a change. “I am for development of the constituency and ensure harmony and peaceful co-existence here,” he says.

The campaign accompanied by CPI(M) leader P.Madhu, rolled through Toli Chowk, Langar Houz, Tappa Chabutra and Sabzi Mandi with brief halts to accept garlands and unleash speeches.