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People carrying small amounts also being booked

Cash seized from those coming for shopping

HYDERABAD: The much-applauded money seizure drive by the police during the election time also has another side to it. As there are no well-framed directives in place, people carrying small amounts like Rs. 10,000 are also being dragged to police action. Several people from different districts of Telangana, Maharashtra and Karnataka got the bitter pill, according to P. Chandrasekhar, president of District Consumer Information Centre (DCIC).

He cited instances where cash was seized from people who came to the city for marriage shopping and other such purposes, if they failed to account for the money. In this regard, DCIC received complaints from the Steel Merchants Association and General Merchants Association of Begumbazar area, a prime market place for steel, gold and silver articles in the city.

Dilip Kumar Jain, president of General Merchants Association, said that many customers had come out with their grievances on this. “Recently, Rs.30,000 was seized from a family from Maharashtra that came to the city on a pleasure trip,” he said. The police asked them to show receipts for the money, which they failed to provide. “How can they be expected to carry receipts while they have not yet started their shopping,” questioned Mr. Jain.

He alleged that the police were seeking bribe to release the money in such cases. Mr. Chandrasekhar also questioned the rationale behind asking to show ‘account for the money’. “What kind of account can commoners show for the amounts they carry for their day-to-day activities,” he wondered.