Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: As campaigning is reaching its peak, political party workers are leaving no stone unturned in giving their leaders a warm reception with flowers .

Thanks to the competition between party workers to promote their candidates and outperform their counterparts, garlands and flower traders in twin cities are making merry. A garland that was sold around Rs. 20 to Rs. 60 till recently, are now being sold at Rs. 35 and Rs. 85 respectively at Jambagh wholesale market in Osmangunj.

Several party workers were standing en route to extend a grand reception to their leaders with garlands and flowers during canvassing, says Afzal of M.K. Flower Merchants at Osmangunj.

Meticulous planning

Generally, party workers place their orders a day before their leader’s campaign in a particular locality and a lot of planning goes in selecting the garlands. Most party workers tend to pick the colours, which represent their party colours.

Like, BJP activists prefer a garland made of orange marigold flowers, TDP workers opt for yellow chrysanthemum and MIM activists look for mint (pudina) garlands, explains Shakeel, a florist.

Farmers from Karimnagar, Adilabad, Vijayawada districts besides, Bangalore, Pune and Maharastra bring flowers everyday to the city. Owing to the demand for rose petals, a bag containing 20 rose flowers that was sold around Rs.10 a fortnight back is now offered for Rs. 18 in the market.

Elections have come as a blessing in disguise for many flower traders in the twin cities.