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There is no logic in it, says Ponnala

  • Charges by TD leaders against the hike in the cost estimates debated in Assembly: Ponnala
  • Minister offers to provide details to disprove TD leaders' demands

    HYDERABAD: Major Irrigation Minister P. Lakshmaiah has ridiculed the Telugu Desam leaders' renewed demand for a judicial inquiry into the hike in the cost estimates of the Yellampalli project found by the Lok Ayukta.

    At a press conference here on Tuesday, the Minister saw no logic in the demand as "they are claiming that their charges were prima facie established on one hand and want a probe on the other hand." Moreover, the matter was before the Lok Ayukta which itself was a quasi-judicial body.

    He wanted to know from Telugu Desam leaders if they had no trust in the Lok Ayukta while seeking a judicial probe. In fact, the petition before the Lok Ayukta was filed by the Telugu Desam leaders themselves. The demand by them for a judicial probe gave one an impression as if "the case was something new."

    Offers details

    The Minister said the charges levelled by the Telugu Desam leaders against the hike in the cost estimates were debated in the Assembly for 18 days and sufficiently replied by the Government with full details. Having lost face in the Assembly, they filed a petition before the Lok Ayukta.

    "Even now, we are ready with details and documentary evidence to prove that the charges against the Government and the officials were politically motivated." He affirmed that neither the Government nor the official committed any mistake as alleged.

    Mr. Lakshmaiah said "when there is nothing, Telugu Desam, being frustrated and power-thirsty, makes it a point to come out with some charge. Such an attitude will discredit the party. Instead, the Telugu Desam should come out with productive suggestions on people's problems. Then, it can derive political advantage."