Special Correspondent

Statements of accused person recorded

  • First year engineering student attempts suicide
  • Senior says he had a scuffle, but denies ragging his junior

    KURNOOL: State Human Rights Commission secretary S. Challappa inquired into the ragging incident in G. Pulla Reddy College of Engineering here on Saturday.

    First year engineering student Somasekshar attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills a few days ago alleging ragging by seniors.

    Mr. Challappa met Somasekhar in a private hospital, where he was undergoing treatment, and recorded his statement of events that led to his suicide attempt. He told the commission he that he had been compelled by seniors to strip.

    Later, the secretary met the accused Sumant Babu and his mother at the guesthouse as part of the inquiry and recorded his statement. Sumant told the secretary that he and Somasekhar had a scuffle but denied ragging the latter.

    `Erratic behaviour'

    In his deposition before the secretary, college vice-principal Subbarayudu spoke of the `erratic behaviour' of Sumant Babu saying he was irregular in attending classes and taking examinations.

    He had reportedly paid a fine of Rs. 200 for indulging in ragging in the past. In the recent incident, both students appeared before him and promised to patch up.

    College Principal Jayarami Reddy told the secretary that the authorities were particular about curbing ragging on the campus.

    Last year, the college collected a fine of Rs. 1,000 from errant students and took an undertaking for good behaviour.

    To submit report

    Mr. Challappa told reporters that a detailed report would be placed before the Government on Monday. He said the commission also wrote to the Government on the Devaragattu violent festival and a detailed report would be presented within a month.