Why should people vote to you and not your opponents?

I have fulfilled all the promises my party had made. Eighty per cent of the works taken up have already been implemented and welfare schemes have reached all the beneficiaries and they are enjoying them.

That is why the voters should choose me. I have nothing negative to say about my opponents.

What in your view are the main problems in your constituency?

There are two major problems in the areas that were in the old Vijayawada East Assembly constituency, which have been transferred to my constituency now.

One is registration of D-form pattas and the second is dwellings on the Krishna riverbed.

What do you want to do about them, if elected?

Pattas given to people that have built dwellings on revenue and irrigation lands have to be regularised under G.O. 166 while a retaining wall will have to be constructed to protect houses on the Krishna floodbank and the riverbed. I will do both once elected.

What new things you want to do?

In rural mandals more departments are involved, but in urban mandals there is just the municipal corporation.

I will work to develop civic infrastructure and provide better facilities to the people in my constituency.