The saddening scenes of unruly behaviour by unsuccessful ticket aspirants and their followers in the wake of various political parties releasing the list of candidates for the ensuing Assembly and Lok Sabha elections mar the image of Andhra Pradesh. Display of fake self-immolation attempts, attacking party offices, trampling upon party flags, unprintable abusive outbursts against party bosses, semi-nude rallies, weeping and wailing, boisterous body language of the cadres as seen in the electronic media, are repulsive and nauseating. It is distressing that none of the three major political parties in the State-Congress, TDP and Praja Rajyam is free from this disease. Lok Satta and Left parties are, of course, free from cadre-indiscipline. But the Left lost its identity having been tagged to TDP and Lok Satta is behind in the race. T.S. Rao


Do something for senior citizens

The issue of welfare of senior citizens has been blissfully relegated to oblivion in the election manifestos released by the political parties with competitive spirit but communal bias in the sweet name of ‘social equity’.

These leaders have no age limit for retirement from public life. Even the worst condition of their physical health and the serious surgical operations they undergo will not dampen their spirit in the quest for power.

However, none of the governments, which ruled the country since Independence, has done anything for senior citizens who account for majority of population leading a life of misery either due to financial problems or neglect by children. The political leaders should, at least now, do something for such old people in the new government.

N.V. Rama Rao


Choose the right

The leaders of political parties in Andhra are stooping low to accuse others and are indulging in mud-slinging by bringing the personal life, besides indulging in histrionics like beating the thighs, etc.

This is a sad commentary, especially when almost all the leaders of the political parties are educated and literate.

It is not known whether they have thrown to winds all culture and good manners to behave like gentlemen.

It is high time that intellectuals campaigned to educate the electorate to vote intelligently, weighing the candidates’ credentials and not fall a prey to vote on caste or communal lines.

G. M. Rama Rao


Dress code

Many shopping malls are imposing a particular dress culture (trousers and shirt) on sales girls as part of their corporate culture.

This outlandish dress code appears silly.

It can be replaced with a churidar (salwar kameez) which would be more akin to our Indian culture.

We need not blindly ape the western culture and I hope women’s organisation would take up this issue with the managements of all malls and see that a suitable dress code is brought about to create a happy working environment for the sales girls in shopping malls

Kasturi Tallamraju