Staff Reporter

HANUMAN JUNCTION (Krishna dist.): A day-long high-drama came to an end on Sunday when what was initially believed to be a ‘kidnap’ of a couple turned out to be not so.

Tension began in the family of Parvataneni Panduranga Vithal, when his relatives found him and his wife Ramadevi missing from their house in the town from the early hours of Saturday. Neighbours told the relatives that some people came to their house in the early hours of the day in a Scorpio and picked them up. It was thought that about six people came from Hyderabad and “kidnapped” the couple, who reportedly own about 20 acres in the capital, to pressurise the husband and wife to sell the land to them.

As there was no communication from the couple, one of their relatives, Amirneni Nagabhushana Chowdary, lodged a complaint with the police on Saturday night. Even as the investigation into the case was on, the complainant told the police on Sunday that he got a telephone call from the couple, who apparently told him that they went to Hyderabad on personal work on their own and they were on their way back to Hanuman Junction.