Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Congress MP from Vijayawada Lagadapati Rajagopal has drawn flak from party leaders, whose names were found missing from the list of winning candidates in the election survey he had commissioned.

Mr. Rajagopal opened a Pandora’s box by publicising the results that gave 155 Assembly seats to the Congress. He put the final figure of successful Congress candidates between 175-189 and those in the Parliamentary constituencies at 33. Several Ministers, who, the survey predicted, would lose, expressed displeasure at this. “Who has authorised him to conduct the survey? Did he take the permission of the APCC or the high command,” they questioned on Friday.

Sources close to APCC president D. Srinivas said, it was not proper for Mr. Rajagopal to come out with a survey report when the official declaration of the results was just 48 hours away. Nizamabad MP Madhu Yaskhi Goud also faulted the report stating that the findings were far from reality. A senior Telangana leader, disputed the tally of 38 Assembly seats given to the ruling party in Telangana besides a photo finish in 27 other segments. “The party’s decision to go alone in Telangana will cost us dearly”, he said. A couple of leaders felt, who visited the CLP, questioned the methodology adopted by the organisations to conduct exit polls“there is factual error in the exit poll results. The survey gave one or two Assembly seats to the Congress.”


Poll surveys: Lagadapati does it again May 14, 2014