Swab samples of passenger sent to National Institute of Communicable Diseases on May 13

HYDERABAD: The State health authorities are apprehensive over the delay in release of test results of the samples of a 23-year-old passenger, admitted at Government General and Chest Hospital for suspected influenza A (H1N1) flu virus. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), New Delhi is yet to release the test results of the passenger. The inordinate delay and no negative confirmation of the test results are making authorities here nervous. The swab samples of the passenger were sent to NICD on May 13 and till now the hospital had not received any confirmation. The NICD had promptly released test results of all earlier patients within a day of receiving the samples. In all, the hospital had received 11 patients out of which 10 patients were discharged when NICD results came negative. “The results were supposed to come on Thursday but they were not released. We expected the results to be released on Friday but NICD refused to give any information. We are waiting for more information and are in touch with NICD authorities,” says in-charge of the flu virus wing of Chest Hospital Dr. K. Subhakar. Privately, however, several top health authorities in the State capital fear that the samples could be virus positive.“Anyone with common cold could have influenza flu virus in their blood samples. The virus should have the H1N1 strain and perhaps the NICD researchers are checking it repeatedly. Ideally it should take only a day to confirm the strain. If a positive result comes then Union Ministry of Health officials will declare the results from New Delhi,” top health officials said.