Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Aiming to store the entire stock of seed groundnut to be supplied to the farmers on subsidy for the coming kharif season in the district, Collector V. Anil Kumar on Saturday directed the Joint Director of Agriculture, A.M. Fahim, to find storage places like market yards, school buildings and private godowns.

In a meeting held with the seed supplying agencies like, AP Oilfed, Markfed and HACA, the Collector told the agencies to prepare plan for seed supply in every mandal and submit it to the administration. Of the 5.5 lakh quintals of seed groundnut to be supplied for kharif, 1.2 lakh quintals had already reached the district and another 4.3 lakh quintals was yet to come.

The Joint Director of Agriculture was told to direct the Tehsildars to inspect the stock, which were received already and register the details in the stock book. Further, the check posts must enlist every load of seed groundnut along with vehicle numbers and quantity and the seed supply agencies must give the stock supplied everyday to the Tehsildars.

‘Keep vigil’

He also told the officials to keep vigil on the elements that would resort to irregularities at the sales counters and video-filming of the proceedings at the sales counters should also be taken up. The passbooks produced by the farmers to get the seed should be verified with 1B register before giving the delivery of seed. Every eligible farmer would be given a maximum of three bags of seed per passbook.

Joint Collector T. Chiranjeevulu, Yella Reddy of Oilfed, Sanjanna of Markfed and Bhaskar Reddy of HACA were present at the meeting.