V.V. Subrahmanyam

HYDERABAD: Driving its way to be a big player Ford India launched a unique campaign – Ford Ikon marathon . Effectively, a Ford Ikon with a new 1.4 litre Dura Torq which rolled out on April 22, is being used for a cross-country drive. It will traverse 20,000 kms across India covering 28 State capitals to give a feel to the customers on its fuel efficiency, endurance and reliability. When the car rolled into the city on Thursday afternoon covering 3,500 kms of the stipulated distance, there was a palpable sense of contentment among the top brass.


Michael Boneham, president and managing director of Ford India, insists that as part of the $500 million expansion plan which includes introducing the small car. This marathon is expected to put things in a proper perspective.

“We are confident of a turnaround by early 2010. When we launched the engine assembly unit in India to roll out 60,000 units in India, we have set ourselves clear targets and despite the economic recession, everything is on track,” he asserted.

The manufacturers of Ford are also aware of the “very demanding Indian consumers” who they feel, quite rightly look at value for money.

“In a way this marathon will test both the machine and the man as it from the scorching heat of Rajasthan to chilly Himalayas,” Boneham said.

Technical team

A technical team will monitor and log every parameter of the car’s performance to establish true-world fuel efficiency and cost of ownership after 20,000 km, scheduled to end on June 6 at Chennai. The officials of Ford India are apparently keen to translate its catchy slogan – ‘Make every day exciting’ – into a reality for their customers.