HYDERABAD: The GHMC has decided not to deviate from the High Court observations of having a structural stability certificate from all buildings irrespective of the height in clearing Building Penalisation Scheme (BPS) applications.

Commissioner S.P. Singh informed here that a structural safety compliance certificate from a licensed structural engineer was compulsory and to make available as many licensed engineers as possible, the government has given permission to give licence to more such qualified people.

Applications from structural engineers possessing a degree in civil engineering /A.M.I.E. with a minimum of three years experience in structural engineering practice in designing and field work have been invited. Such candidates can approach the Addl. CCP, Town Planning Section, Head Office for obtaining licence and further information.

As already indicated, individual residential buildings and flats will be disposed of in the first phase. Applications in full shape where complete penal amount and documents are submitted, the proceedings shall be kept ready by June 22 and proceedings issued to the concerned by conducting ‘melas’ on June 23, 24 & 25.

Details on web

Details of these applications will be kept on the GHMC website ( www.ghmc.gov.in) on June 22 and in the notice boards of circle office/zonal office. Wherever applicants have to pay balance penal amount, notices will be issued by July 1 asking them to pay the fee within 15 days.

For applications not in full shape where plans, documents and other particulars are not available, final notice will be issued to submit the same by July 1 failing which the relevant BPS applications will be rejected and further action for demolition of unauthorised construction initiated.

Special counters are being opened from June 22 to work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to receive pending amounts and documents from applicants. Those pertaining to complaints by neighbours objecting to regularisation will be examined in detail and a report submitted to the Commissioner for a final decision.

Open spaces

Mr. Singh was clear BPS will not be considered for areas earmarked for open spaces irrespective of any use in Master Plan/Zonal Development Plan or buildings not in conformity with land use approved in Master Plan/Zonal Development Plan.