Yogendra Kalavalapalli

Virtual Pool programme turns into a blessing in disguise

Higher studies, jobs in public sector or setting up their own businesses high in their minds

As a morale-boosting exercise, company e-mails techies to keep working with the same spirit

HYDERABAD: Despite darkness surrounding their careers, Satyamites see a silver lining. While the Virtual Pool programme of the company sapped the moral fibre of some associates, for a few others it appears to be a blessing in disguise.

Associates aspiring to give a shot at different competitive examinations like CAT, GMAT, GATE, GRE etc., are considering themselves lucky as they will have ample time for preparation while earning a modest amount, enough to foot in their monthly expenses.

“Now I can prepare for CAT and other MBA exams seriously. With my two-year work experience, I stand a good chance of getting into any of the top management institutes if I score well,” aired an associate confidently.

As many as 10,000 non-revenue-generating associates were asked to go on leave for a four to six month period (based on the bands) as part of the Virtual Pool programme. They would be given basic salary in addition to Provident Fund and medical insurance.

Higher studies

With such a scenario looming large right since the onset of economic slowdown, and aggravated by Satyam scandal, many have already planned their next course of action. Higher studies, jobs in public sector or setting up their own business enterprises figure high in their minds.

Many Satyamites are aiming for CAT. “I need not go to office and I can now fully focus on my MBA exams,” said Ravindra (name changed), another associate. “The salary I would be earning during this period will be sufficient for my living,” he added.

Enough time on hands

“I already applied for a number of companies and banks like RINL, BSNL, SBI, Andhra Bank, LIC etc. However, despite a number of attempts, I could not get through the written part of most of them. Now with enough time on my hands, I am hopeful of getting selected in one,” another associate said.

Meanwhile, the company went on a morale-boosting exercise on Saturday.

Associates not part of the Virtual Pool programme received individually-addressed emails from the Human Resources department encouraging them to keep working with the same spirit.

“Let us regain customer confidence and win new businesses so that our colleagues could return to work soon, was the message conveyed,” said an associate.