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Accused lover detained

HYDERABAD: After battling for life for nearly 24 hours, 18-year-old Samira on Friday succumbed to the multiple factures she had suffered after being pushed down from the first floor of Charminar allegedly by her lover Arshad.

With different versions coming out about incidents prior to the homicide, the police could not ascertain the correct sequence of events or the motive behind the killing.

The victim specifically stated that she was pushed down from the first floor of the historical monument by Arshad. But what drove Arshad to eliminate her was the question the police were unable to provide an answer. The victim’s family members alleged that Arshad, a financier, had been harassing them to repay the Rs. 14,000 loan he had given to them.

According to them, Samira left their house in Talabkatta on Monday carrying some money to be paid to Arshad. She did not return home afterwards. Surprisingly, Samira’s parents too did not prefer to lodge a complaint despite their daughter not turning up even after four days.

Samira is the fifth of seven siblings. Her father, Mohd. Yousuf, and other family members sell mirrors manufactured by a local factory at Rangili Kidki in old city. Police sources said they had learnt that Yousuf had secured few thousand rupees at a high interest rate from Arshad. With interest, they owed Rs. 14,000. Arshad allegedly used to come to Yousuf’s house to collect the amount and thus developed friendship with Samira.

“We have information that Samira and Arshad used to meet at the latter’s one of the friends house in old city frequently. It is suspected that Samira met Arshad after leaving the house on Monday,” an officer associated with the investigation told reporters.

Late in the night, Arshad reportedly told them during interrogation that Samira had been pressurising him to marry her. Allegedly to get rid of her, he hatched a plot, took her to Charminar and pushed her down after reaching the first floor.