Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The State government is planning to come hard on students and colleges ‘misusing’ the reimbursement of tuition fee, particularly in professional courses.

Students’ attendance, performance in the examinations and infrastructure in the colleges will be some of the parameters on which the government will review the process. The decision is apparently taken to ensure that genuine students benefit from the scheme while the non-serious students are kept at bay.

Colleges under scanner

Last year, despite increase in number of seats in engineering, MBA and MCA courses the seats were totally filled as students opted to join these professional courses with the government paying the tuition fee. Particularly, seats in the BC category were totally filled even in new colleges and in streams that are not so popular with the students. It was also reported that some colleges took special interest in promoting their seats as they were assured of fee payment.

Poor attendance

However, a majority of students who joined finally did not turn up for classes. “Their attendance was poor as they were not serious with the course and they didn’t carry any financial commitment to be serious,” an official said adding that even pressure from parents too was absent.

Now the government wants to review the entire issue to see that students who fulfil the attendance requirement of the university and those who perform well in the examinations will only get the benefit.

“We want to send a serious message to students and parents that they cannot avail the government scheme without putting serious effort in academics,” an official said. Colleges that don’t provide required facilities will also be under the scanner.