Loose soil falls on them while they work in a deep trench to lay pipeline

HYDERABAD: Two labourers got buried alive in a 20-foot-deep trench when heaps of loose soil fell on them while they were trying to join two drainage pipelines at Indiranagar, Ramanthapur on Monday evening.

The victims were identified as Venkatesh and Krishna, both in their early 30s and hailing from Mahabubnagar. Eight workers, using a poclain machine, were digging the soil up to 20 feet to lay the underground drainage pipeline when the tragedy occurred around 5.30 p.m.While six of them were on the ground, Venkatesh and Krishna entered the trench to join the two pipelines. The heaps of loose soil between the cable lines, which were laid long ago and along which the trench was dug, suddenly collapsed on them. Death was instant for both of them. The underground drainage water pipeline between Sai Chaitanya Nagar and Indiranagar was being executed by I.V.R. Construction Ltd. According to the project manager A. Nanda Kumar, all precautions were taken but the loose soil gave away.

The incident triggered protests from relatives of the victims. Mild tension prevailed in the area as they squatted at the place blaming the company for the deaths and demanding compensation of Rs. 25 lakh each to the families of the two victims.