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Labour Department authorities book over 200 cases in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

The department serves notices on 350 establishments

All jewellery showrooms at Punjagutta too closed

Hyderabad: It was a different Sunday in the city.

Thousands of shoppers had to turn back as many malls and establishments were closed down by the Labour Department enforcing that commercial outlets, including automobile, garments, footwear showrooms etc., remain closed on Sundays and national holidays.

Authorities booked over 200 cases on different establishments like Shoppers Stop, Sony Centre, Mochi footwear, Shades, Tanishq Jewellery etc and are launching prosecution against them.

The Department had served notices on over 350 establishments on Saturday instructing them to keep their outlets shut on Sundays and holidays as per the Shops and Establishments Act. Despite the notices, many outlet owners continued their business.

Operating in four different teams, authorities conducted raids in Secunderabad, R.P. Road, Banjara Hills, Punjagutta and other areas. Nearly 47 establishments in City Centre Mall at Banjara Hills, 11 in Central Mall at Punjagutta, 17 outlets in GVK One Mall were closed.

They ensured that shop owners rolled the shutters down and locked them.

Similar was the case with Shoppers Stop, Spencers mall in Musheerabad, nearly 30 outlets in Prasad’s Imax Mall, SKC Mall in Secunderabad and 11 cases were booked on different outlets at Abids. All the jewellery showrooms at Punjagutta too were closed.

Special permission

Shop owners, who employ over 100 workers and willing to conduct business on holidays, have to obtain special permission from the department by paying Rs. 50,000 as user charges.This apart, a No Objection Certificate has to be obtained from its employees for making them to work on holidays, explained Joint Commissioner of Labour B. Ajay.

Those establishments, which have obtained such permits have been allowed to function. While over an estimated 40,000 shoppers visit malls on Sundays, it is alleged that extra wages are denied to employees despite making them to work late in the evenings. Some are even deprived of their weekly-offs, said Mr. Ajay.

“There is no option for us but to work till 11 p.m. on Sundays without enjoying any overtime payment. If anyone objects to work on holidays, he is shown the exit,” says Muqqasar, a salesman. The labour official said over 80 cases was booked against Bata footwear outlets for operating on Sundays and holidays and six new cases were booked again today.